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As an independent insurance agent, Peggy Reese is here to help you, one-on-one, to find the best coverage and policy for you. Not only can insurance be complicated, it can also be expensive. That is why Reese Insurance Agency is always here to help, from choosing the best plan to getting the best price.

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Homeowners Insurance for Lafayette, Indiana

Homeowners Insurance Home Insurance Flood Insurance Lafayette, IN Home insurance is designed to protect your home from structural damage or damage to items inside the home, and is very important for your well-being and peace of mind. This type of insurance, also commonly known as hazard insurance or homeowners insurance, includes several different policies designed to protect your beloved home and cherished belongings.

The first type of policy is known as a peril policy, which will pay if your home or belongings are damaged or missing as a result of events such a high winds, fire, or even theft. The events named on this policy are the events that are covered. The second type of policy is a comprehensive or all-risk policy. This policy pays for all types of perils, unless they are clearly excluded.

These policies are great for protecting your home, your home's contents, or both. They are paid out based on replacement value or actual cash value to ensure that you have the money to pay for a new item, or a depreciated version of it.

What is most important is ensuring that you have the right home insurance plan for you in order to protect your home, your belongings, and guests that are visiting with liability and medical. Peggy Reese can assist you with the task of choosing the best plan to get the coverage that you need without any gaps that large insurance companies can leave. During this process, she also works to ensure that there are no overlaps in your home insurance so you always get the coverage you need at the best price.


Auto Insurance in Lafayette, IN 

Auto Insurance Car Insurance Companies in Lafayette, IndianaAt Reese Insurance Agency, it is common knowledge that our clients' insurance needs are as different as the cars they drive. That is why, as an independent insurance agent, Peggy Reese is dedicated to finding an auto insurance policy that fits your individual needs, from price to plan.

Indiana, like most states, requires auto insurance for drivers. However, carrying auto insurance is important primarily to protect you and your assets when an accident occurs. While the costs of policies differ based on age, driving record, and much more, the Reese Insurance Agency is happy to take the time to find a policy that has what you need at the price you love.


Why You Need Life Insurance in Lafayette, Indiana

Life Insurance Car Insurance Companies Flood Insurance Lafayette, INA life insurance policy is designed to replace income in the event of premature death in order to provide a source of financial comfort for family members. If you have loved ones such as a spouse or children, life insurance is a great way to assure peace of mind by ensuring the payment of an established amount of money in the event of the death of the policyholder or the passage of a determined time frame.

Peggy Reese will work hard to meet your life insurance needs while also taking into account your budget. It is her top priority to provide you with a policy that is fitting for you and offers the comfort and assurance you deserve.


How Business Insurance in Lafayette, IN Can Help

Business Insurance Affordable Insurance Auto Insurance Lafayette, IndianaLosses can occur as a result of day-to-day business operations, and being covered is important. Peggy Reese's expertise allows her to ensure your small business in the greater Lafayette, IN area is covered for a price that fits into the budget. Whether you need to be covered for legal liability, property damage, employee risks or something else, Reese Insurance Agency can help you find a business insurance policy that meets your most vital business needs.

Covering necessary things like cyber security, necessary tools, and much more, business insurance is an important part of having the protection and peace of mind you need to run your business best.


Farm Insurance Coverage in Lafayette, IN

Traditional Farming

Health Insurance Auto Insurance Life Insurance Lafayette, IndianaA complete farm and ranch Insurance program protects your dwelling, personal contents, farm buildings, machinery, equipment and livestock, as well as farm liability. You deserve an insurance program flexible enough for your needs but at a competitive price.

Agritourism -is any agriculturally based operation or activity that brings visitors to your farm. This sector continues to grow as consumers want fresh, organic or naturally grown products or outdoor activities. There is an increase in liability when inviting the public onto your premises.

Examples include:

  • Roadside Stands

  • Farmers Markets

  • Corn Mazes

  • School Tours

  • Hayrides

  • Petting Zoos

  • · Bed & Breakfasts

  • · Farm Stays

  • · Maple syrup production

  • · Hunt & Trap clubs

  • · Christmas Tree Farms

  • · Haunted Attractions


Protect What's Yours with Lafayette, IN Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance Homeowners Insurance Home Insurance Lafayette, IndianaFlood damage to homes and belongings is not covered under normal home insurance policies, so I take pride in offering necessary, affordable protection for homeowners in the area. When you live near bodies of water, such as rivers like in the greater Lafayette, Indiana area, flooding can be problematic and dangerous for you and your home, and flood insurance may even be required. When you choose to work with Reese Insurance Agency, Peggy Reese will dedicate her time to finding a flood insurance policy that offers the coverage and cost you need.


IRA/Roth D Coverage 

Homeowners Insurance Car Insurance Companies Lafayette, INAn IRA/Roth D is ideal for retirees, or others, looking for consistent, prearranged payments made until the policyholder (the annuitant) dies. It is a secured source of income that cannot be outlived. For retirees, a life annuity works well for budget management. Most commonly, an individual makes payments to the annuity prior to retirement and then payments are issued from time to time after retirement until the death of the annuitant.

While there are a number of retirement plans available, Reese Insurance Agency can help you find a life annuity that works best for your needs.

Additional benefits of life annuity include tax-deferred growths on investment and an investment with guaranteed interest rates. If you are interested in all of the options and possibilities with life annuity, contact us today.


Long-Term Care Insurance

Homeowners Insurance Car Insurance Companies Auto Insurance Lafayette, INA long-term care insurance policy with Reese Insurance Agency is a great way to help ensure that the home assistance, nursing home facilities or adult day care you need is your choice. This type of insurance provides flexibility for your choices by providing the option to purchase a supply of money that can be used for long-term care options. Feel free to contact Peggy Reese to discuss your options and potential benefits when it comes to long-term care insurance.


Medicare Supplement Insurance

Renters Insurance Life Insurance Car Insurance Companies Lafayette, INA medicare supplement insurance policy essentially covers the gaps left by Medicare, from expenses that are not covered to expenses that are partially covered. Reese Insurance Agency is dedicated to the coverage of your medical expenses to relieve you of additional stresses and worries. As an independent agent, Peggy Reese can find the best plan for the best price.


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